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Reaching the Front

“A young person’s death is like a shipwreck at sea. An old person’s death is a ship coming into port.”

B0002732I was at a funeral today. That fact alone is enough to make me feel introspective, but when the person being remembered is someone I’ve known my whole life, that introspection is pushed into high gear.

I’ve written before about growing old, and I would have to say that at my stage of life, I’m already not a big fan. Although I don’t feel half my actual age, here’s the thing.

Remember the days when little boys used to play with armies of toy soldiers, lining them up in rank and formation on the hearth rug while mother churned butter or kneaded bread? Neither do I, but you get the picture. Continue reading “Reaching the Front”

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Come On An Adventure With Me!

72355_10151331585342197_770629944_nFor the past few months, my cousin has been sharing emails with me, written by her niece. Each of them is entitled “Tavelogue Supreme” and I can’t think of a more perfect description.

Several months ago, following a summer of tree-planting in Western Canada, Angelina set off for her personal adventure of a lifetime, beginning in Southeast Asia. While many others have taken similar trips, it’s Angelina’s clear and beautiful writing style that sets her experiences apart.

I asked for permission to share some supreme travelogue quotes to give you an idea of what this young woman, traveling alone, has experienced. Continue reading “Come On An Adventure With Me!”

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Once You’ve Learned How …

Once you’ve learned how to ride a bike, you’ll never forget.

And once you’ve learned how to ice skate you’ll never forget either, thank goodness!

(Apologies in advance for the quality of the photos. I knew better than to try skating while using my good camera, so my phone did the job instead.)

When I was in my teens I spent many Saturday nights skating at Cedarena. This unique outdoor arena has been a beloved fixture in the hamlet of Cedar Grove (near Markham, Ontario) since 1927. It’s nestled in a cozy valley, sheltered on thee sides by cedar-covered hills, and on the fourth side the Little Rouge River provides plenty of water for flooding the natural ice surface.

July 2012

Despite all my happy memories of the place, I haven’t been back in twenty-odd years. Haven’t skated in that long either. I always have good intentions, of course, but the winters just seem to slip by. Continue reading “Once You’ve Learned How …”

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Describe a Woman Using the Contents of Her Purse

Seaside CafeI’m not sure why it came to mind, but this morning I was thinking about something I wrote several years ago. During my very first writing courseĀ  I picked an assignment out of Dorothea’s magic box asking me to write 500 words describing a woman using the contents of her purse. I was stumped at first, but once I got rolling, this thing kind of wrote itself.

It’s one of the first pieces I ever had published and I do like it because of that. I also think it’s a whole lot of fun to read. Continue reading “Describe a Woman Using the Contents of Her Purse”

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A Blogging Year in Review and, Possibly, Good Bye.

On January 12, 2012 I created my first blog entry. I didn’t know what to write about and I floundered for quite awhile before hitting my stride. After finishing the short piece I was nearly sick when I clicked the “Publish” button and threw my words out into the world. I wondered if it might end up being a world of two, or would a few more people be interested? Continue reading “A Blogging Year in Review and, Possibly, Good Bye.”

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Boxing Day Fun

I spotted the picture that follows on a friend’s blog this morning and I’ve had a bit of fun trying to figure it out. If some of the rest of you are still lollygagging around in a turkey coma, or just enjoying a PJ day, here’s my small Boxing Day gift to you.

According to a challenge issued earlier this year, “This picture contains clues to 75 London tube stops. The puzzle is made up of images that suggest station names when paired together.”

If, like me, you don’t have a clue about London tube stations, there is a complete list of names here.

Click on the link below the picture for an extra-large view.

Go here and click on the picture for an extra-large view.
Go here, then click on the picture at that site for an extra-large view. (For starters, do you see Marble Arch, Knightsbridge,and Angel? Others are a bit trickier.)