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Do We Have to Tie EVERYTHING Down?

I work in a busy Emergency Department. A very, very busy ER. In addition to drugs and dressings, something we use a lot of is ice.

We give ice water to patients, of course, and we also use it to keep certain specimens cool while they go to the lab. It’s used for lumps, bumps, and bruises, and sometimes for cooling protocols. Busy staff often grab big foam cups of ice water just to keep going. In short, the machine that sits on the counter in our pantry gets a workout 24/7. After twenty years of continuous use, our original ice maker started to show its age and had to be repaired more often than it worked. Several months back, it was finally replaced by a shiny, new, dependable model. Continue reading “Do We Have to Tie EVERYTHING Down?”

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Stella Gives a Garden Tour

Hi there! My name’s Stella. I don’t believe we’ve met before, but I’d like to welcome you to our place. Because my owner, Phyllis, is tired out after a long weekend of working outdoors, I told her that I’d take over the blog this week.

I’ve lived here for three years now, so I know my way around. If you’d like to follow me, I’ll show you what the folks have been up to these past few days. Continue reading “Stella Gives a Garden Tour”

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Andrew Does a Concert

Last Sunday afternoon my motherly duties included attending a concert put on by a group that Andrew attends. “Friends Group” meets every Wednesday evening at the local United Church, and is the highlight of Andrew’s social life.

The group is led by “retired” Pastor Bill, a literal bundle of enthusiasm and energy. When this Handi-capable gang meets they sing, listen to stories which are followed by discussion, and then they enjoy a snack. It’s so popular that participants come from quite a distance. They arrive with staff or a family member, but not Andrew. Continue reading “Andrew Does a Concert”

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Mom in the Maple Tree

I know that many of my parents’ generation walked to school through waist-deep snow, uphill both ways, blah, blah, blah, but we didn’t. We got to ride on a school bus. But before we got on the warm bus, we had to walk out our long lane and stand waiting while the north wind whistled across open fields and turned us into people popsicles.

Continue reading “Mom in the Maple Tree”