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… there is a season.

I took my walk this morning. It was the usual long route, along roads where weeds flourish in the ditches and past rolling farms whose fields change with the seasons, but today I felt sad when I allowed my self to accept the fact that summer is almost over and fall is well and truly on the way.

I never walk without taking my phone along, so I decided to record some of the late summer beauty. It almost makes me cry to know that the beginning of our beautiful autumn also means winter must follow.

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“The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated.”

Phyllis Diller

“The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated.” So said Mark Twain, and so it feels to have seen my name in the news recently.

The real Phyllis Diller lived to age ninety-five, and strange as it may seem, I admit to a small feeling of personal loss when I heard of her death. I never met her, never even saw her show when she was in Toronto, but she was a part of my life in a way that’s difficult to explain. About the time Ms. Diller became widely known and her crazy face began appearing in magazines, I was just a little girl, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Diller who had innocently named me Phyllis. They could never have guessed all the interesting things that came about because of it. Continue reading ““The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated.””

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Snap, Crack — it’s a nightlight!

I’m sure moments of brilliance only happen once in a lifetime, and if that’s true then it’s all downhill for me from here on.

When my little kids sleep over, they like to have a nightlight but I’ve never found one that truly works. One makes the room too light for a good sleep and others brighten the room near the nightlight but leave scary-looking shadows lurking in the corners.

Personal nightlights.

Finally, necessity usually being the mother of invention, I had a brief flash of creativity and now my cupboard holds a supply of glo-stick bracelets.

When it’s bedtime I fasten a bracelet around the upper arms of the visiting child. The light cast by the bracelets fills their bed with a soft glow and the rest of the dark room fades away. So far I’ve tried this three times with three different scairdy-cats and I haven’t heard a peep out of any of them after leaving the room.

I think this would work well for a family on vacation, especially if sharing a hotel room. Each kid gets their own light but the room stays fairly dark for those who don’t enjoy sleeping with the light on.

There you have it folks, the lone brilliant idea of my life — short, sweet, and “easy peasy lemon squeezy” as the little chap in the picture would say.

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I Want to Be Just Like Her!

A couple of days ago, I was shopping in our local Fabulous Fresh Produce store, stocking up on wonderful mid-summer foods. When I pulled my cart up to the checkout, the shopper ahead of me caught my eye. Trying not to be too obvious about it, I watched her while I placed my fruits and veggies on the belt. She appeared to be close to ninety, and as I covertly studied her face, I was delighted to note that the deepest of her many wrinkles were smile lines. Continue reading “I Want to Be Just Like Her!”