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A day in review.

Today was my day off work. I like my days off, but I’m fortunate to have a job that I enjoy.

I got up and had a nice cup of coffee with my breakfast. Lucky me. Coffee AND a choice of breakfast foods. Having a choice of any kind makes me rich.

Then I caught up on emails using my handy laptop. Another choice, thank goodness. My “big computer” is down for a while. How fortunate that I can continue reading, writing, and emailing, without a blink, because I have a second computer.

One email was from my son, who is at university in Virginia. It had an essay attached that he wanted me to take a look at. How nice that he values my input enough to ask! He’s doing so well at school, and reading this essay is full proof of why.

I got ready and headed to my daughter’s place to stay with the younger kids while she took one child to the doctor’s. Universal health care, and perfect, healthy, beautiful children. Wow, I’m sure thankful for all of this.

After Mummy got home, I treated two granddaughters to new haircuts and lunch out. Disposable income. We all make choices about how to spend our money, but there’s that word again. Choices about how to spend even a modest amount of disposable income make us richer than many in the world could ever imagine.

Back home, I talked on the phone to a friend and mixed up a batch of muffins while we talked. I’m blessed with friendships that I’m ashamed to say I should spend more time nurturing. I’m equally ashamed to admit that if it weren’t for Facebook, I’d probably be classified a hermit. And the muffins? Yummo!

I prepared a simple dinner, more choices, many limited only by the time I have to prepare the food, then made lunches for tomorrow. That means that we know our jobs are there for us in the morning. We know that they will likely be there for us as long as we want them. We take this gift for granted.

When I finish writing this, I’m going to draw a deep, hot bath, and soak as long as I want to. This is another simple pleasure that I take for granted, but enjoy so much. It doesn’t even occur to me to consider the lack of sanitary facilities for so many Canadians, particularly those in the north.

And last, but certainly not least, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention my husband who read this post, then “penned” the following words while I wasn’t looking: I am so happy for you. One more thing in my life to be thankful for.


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  1. It’s funny because I was reading your blog as you were reading and commenting on mine! What a nice treat to read this tonight. You are so right to look at life through such a positive outlook. Thanks for the reminder!

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