9 thoughts on “Send Me a Note

  1. Phyllis — thanks for your writing. I just recently was reminiscing about caroling on Christmas Eve outside in the cold. Remember the yummy ginger snaps we’d receive from Aunt Ada in the porch? I appreciate your skill at putting your memories into words.

  2. I see above that your Day in the Life of a Unit Clerk is listed for “Fiction” – NOT! That did not even include the patients coming up and asking “How Long?’ or “Where should I put this urine sample?”
    I wish I could say more about how wonderful the clerks are and how much they mean to my days. Please receive my apologies for never being mentioned and may I daily try to rectify my over site and appreciate clearly my clerk/secretary…

  3. Hi Phyllis Gwen Allchurch Vella. Loved the pictures and the story about Cedarena. Miss those old times and old friends. I live in Alberta with Wendy.. I have great great grandchildren now.. Is this in one of your books? Where can I get a copy.?

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