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This One’s Perfect!

When I decorated the house last weekend with the help of one daughter, it felt like the Christmas season had truly arrived. We don’t have anything new, just the same old stuff used a bit differently each year, and we were busy putting bits and pieces together when we hit on a centrepiece that we both loved.

“Pinterest it!” daughter exclaimed.

The only way I know how to post to Pinterest is through this blog, so you all get to come along for the ride.



The “spruce” bits are part of a twenty-year-old wreath turned upside down in a beautiful old wooden bowl which you can’t see. The poinsettia wreath on top is at least fifteen years old, and I picked up the green balls when I visited my son at the thrift shop where he volunteers. The candlestick has been around forever. Unfortunately, the picture really doesn’t do this piece justice. It’s much more mellow and beautiful.

Then, since I had my camera out anyway, I took a few more pictures. If it’s okay with you, we’ll go on a little tour of the rest of the old stuff that we put up each year.


This girl is never in the same place twice. This year she has a window seat. She’s been around since “country decor” was popular.


The deer has lived at our house for several years. It was originally a “gift basket” from a local business my husband patronizes and was filled with yummy chocolate.


So was this one, and I think it came from the same company. (Although it’s a deer, I personally think it looks more like a rabbit. A rattan Christmas rabbit.)


Here’s the fireplace. The tins piled at one end of the mantle have been around forever, and I only burn the super-cute peppermint candles for a bit each year. I can’t even remember when I got the holly that’s draped over the picture, and Ms. Angel Bunny’s been around as long as the other country-themed decor. My talented sis made the wooden Christmas tree.


This pretty cranberry glass bowl was passed to me from my mother-in-law.


This one’s a bit blurry — sorry. As you can see, I decided to add candy canes and a bow to one of my autumn decorations.

IMG_5512I love lighting these candles that sit on my kitchen island …


… and these tea lights add a bit of sparkle above the kitchen sink.

We don’t really have a tree …


… but this tiny one presides over angels heralding, shepherds abiding, and three kings seeking — all surrounding the manger.


This year I saved some of my hydrangea then added a bit of sparkle to the brown flowers …


… first a coat of pewter grey (hammered finish), and then shiny gold.

And to wrap it all up, here’s what I did outdoors:


This urn had a huge Boston fern in it all summer but it finally froze. The only thing I bought for the winter decor is the magnolia leaves. I love them. We had to cut down a birch tree this fall, so I put some of the smaller branches to good use.


Here’s another pot I have on the porch, full of goodies found in ditches, flowerbeds, and the forest.


And this one’s beside the door to greet visitors.

I guess that’s pretty much it for now. I made a huge batch of Nuts and Bolts last night and I wish I could have shared some of them with you while you took this little Christmas tour.


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5 thoughts on “This One’s Perfect!

  1. What a lovely tour of your home and the special decorations that you have all around..Thank you for sharing them with us.

  2. So beautiful – and you are so creative! We tried putting lights up on a small spruce tree outside. The problem is that it is so dark here at night that the cheery, Christmasy feel we were going for didn’t work at all. Instead of a sparkling tree all you can see is a blob of disembodied lights glowing in the woods, which, unfortunately, tends to give a Stephen King feel to the entire thing. Can’t wait for my two daughters to arrive on Christmas eve – I think a ghost story or two, might be in order. Mwahahaha! .

  3. Phyllis this is great! I love house tours, but especially holiday decorating ones! Thanks for sharing all of your touches. I love your urns with the hydrangea! So great for a country’ish’ property. I also love you peppermint candles and wooden block nativity. Did you make that with mom by any chance? I think I remember her making something like that. It all looks beautiful!

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