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Something a little different.

Although rhyming verse isn’t considered real poetry these days, I don’t care. I hope you have as much fun reading this as I had writing it. This is a true story from around 2001.


Do you ever have times (I know that I do)

when you feel that your life might blow up on you?

That day in late summer was just such a day,

as we helped carry out the plans Son had made

to go off to school, down south of the border.

This school, he assured us, was made to his order.

Now a quite warmish day found us huffing and puffing.

We took things from a heap and then started stuffing

stuff in our van – was it ever hot!

I’d like to report it was fun.

It was NOT.

We stuffed and we puffed, working harder and harder.

Yikes! I thought, what if we’re stopped at the border?

They’ll want to see paperwork, piles and tons,

then they’ll pull out this stuff, all the hard work we’ve done.


Next morning we woke up our tall, unkept son,

who’d be trapped in the van with his Dad and his Mum.

We were sighing large sighs as we drove t’ward the border;

checking forms, making sure that all was in order.

And we wished a huge wish we could speed on our way

with a Canadian son who held U.S.A.

citizenship – what more could we ask?

But would this be enough to allow us to pass?

We sat tight … inched ahead … gained the border at last,

and braced for the questions the Border Guy’d ask.

After he said, “Where ya from? Where ya going?”

we were told to pull off and I knew what was coming.

Then our scruffy young son decided to say,

“But Sir, I’m a citizen of your U.S.A.

and Canada too!” and the guy replied, “Cool!

Welcome then, travel safe, have a great year at school.”


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