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I learned something kind of cool today, and if my non-extensive Google research is correct, a “young mated queen wasp” is living in Murray’s workshop.

Here’s how it happened.

A couple of weeks ago the weather was bitterly cold in this part of Ontario. We don’t heat with wood, but we sure do enjoy a fire, so we lit the wood stove one freezing Saturday morning. After a few hours our stock of wood on the back porch was low, so Murray headed to the big woodpile behind his shop to get some more. When he removed a log, a wasp fell out. Curious, he picked it up and gave it a little squeeze. That wasp was frozen solid as an hour glass-shaped bullet.

Then, because this is the kind of guy he is, Murray took the frozen little wasp to his shop, popped it into a plastic container, and set it on a shelf. The thermostat in the shop is set to about 10 degrees C, a lot warmer than the temperature outdoors that day.

When Murray was working in the shop today he heard a buzzing sound. You’re right;  it was the wasp!  It was crawling around the container, very much alive, so he took the lid off. In a very short time it flew away, probably looking for another cozy little nook.

Now that I’ve done “extensive research”, I think he may have set himself up for a bit of a problem. If this wasp-waisted girl lasts until spring, apparently she’ll lay her eggs and start a new colony. That’s not exactly good news, but it is pretty cool.

If you have any further, or more accurate, information about wintering wasps, I’d like to hear it.


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  1. That’s fascinating. I was shocked to discover that fish were frozen in winter. The world is an interesting place if you choose to pay attention. x

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