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Get Your Stuff Checked

I was reminded recently why it’s so important to get your stuff checked. Radical mastectomies aren’t done on a whim, and thinking of my acquaintance, who’s just undergone that serious surgery, makes me shudder.

Of course, we all know we should have regular physicals, Pap tests, breast exams, andgentlemen –prostate checks. We know that at a certain age it’s recommended we become acquainted with the delights of a colonoscopy or a mammogram. Unfortunately, we also know that most of these procedures require checking our modesty at the door, and that’s what holds many people back.

I can see on my stats page that this blog is read in many countries around the world, and I realize that not all healthcare has been created equal, but please . . . take advantage of the best available to you.

In Canada, we enjoy access to the best of the best. Although it sometimes feels as if we’re taxed to death, one of the advantages is “free” healthcare, and despite some of the current issues, it’s pretty darned good. Around here you can’t play the “I can’t afford to have that procedure done” card. There’s just no excuse.

Dig out your doctor’s phone number and then, like Lady Macbeth, screw up your courage to the sticking point and make the call. Prostate checks aren’t as bad as all that, I’m told,  and like many things in life, “the anticipation is worse than the fulfillment”. As for colonoscopies, the prep really is the most difficult part of the whole procedure, and mammograms are a breeze compared to the alternative.

There. I’ve said it and I’m going to stop yakking now. Think it over. If you need to make an appointment, just do it. Everyone who cares about you will thank you.


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5 thoughts on “Get Your Stuff Checked

    1. You and me both. I have to take a healthy dose of my own medicine right now.

  1. Good advice. I had all that wonderful stuff done this week. Just have to get the mammogram in a few weeks. Yippeee

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