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Boxing Day Fun

I spotted the picture that follows on a friend’s blog this morning and I’ve had a bit of fun trying to figure it out. If some of the rest of you are still lollygagging around in a turkey coma, or just enjoying a PJ day, here’s my small Boxing Day gift to you.

According to a challenge issued earlier this year, “This picture contains clues to 75 London tube stops. The puzzle is made up of images that suggest station names when paired together.”

If, like me, you don’t have a clue about London tube stations, there is a complete list of names here.

Click on the link below the picture for an extra-large view.

Go here and click on the picture for an extra-large view.
Go here, then click on the picture at that site for an extra-large view. (For starters, do you see Marble Arch, Knightsbridge,and Angel? Others are a bit trickier.)


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