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Growing, growing, gone!

We’ve had quite interesting weather here in Southern Ontario this spring. In March we had record-breaking heat, with an all-time high of 27C. In Fahrenheit-ese, that’s an incredible 80 degrees.

This heat was followed by an unpredictable run of heat and cold, rain and dryness, that’s resulted in monster plants in my flowerbeds. I love having nice-looking beds, but I’m not a big fan of perpetual gardening  so you’d be forgiven for thinking this thrills me.

Here’s the thing. Last summer I thinned some hostas that grow in the center of our circle drive. They were so thick that they were overlapping each other, so I removed every other one. It was a big job but, I figured, well worth the effort because then I could relax for a few years, right? Wrong. So very, very wrong. Continue reading “Growing, growing, gone!”

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Song On a 1/8 Violin

Last night I had a real treat. After six months of lessons, I heard six-year-old Maggie play her little violin for the first time.

I babysat the younger siblings while Mommy, Daddy, and Noah (5) went to a barbecue supper and recital held at the home of her teacher. When they came to pick up the little ones, Maggie got out her violin and performed for Pop and Nan.

Then I asked if I could make a video while she played. **

“Of course you can!” she exclaimed. “But we have to find a stage and something pretty to be in the background.”

She decided on the side porch, beside a big pot of orange begonias. Continue reading “Song On a 1/8 Violin”

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How I Lost My Budgerigar

Noah as “Tigger Woods”
Halloween 2011

It’s a damp Saturday morning here, north of Toronto, and I plan to spend the day with my grandson, five-year-old Noah. I picked him up on my way home from work last night and we spent the evening watching Beethoven and eating nachos. Afterward he helped me water the potted plants outdoors, and when I finally tucked him into bed he snuggled in with his stuffed animals, and I think he was asleep before I walked downstairs. Continue reading “How I Lost My Budgerigar”

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Get Your Stuff Checked

I was reminded recently why it’s so important to get your stuff checked. Radical mastectomies aren’t done on a whim, and thinking of my acquaintance, who’s just undergone that serious surgery, makes me shudder.

Of course, we all know we should have regular physicals, Pap tests, breast exams, andgentlemen –prostate checks. We know that at a certain age it’s recommended we become acquainted with the delights of a colonoscopy or a mammogram. Unfortunately, we also know that most of these procedures require checking our modesty at the door, and that’s what holds many people back. Continue reading “Get Your Stuff Checked”