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After The Rain

It’s been quite dry in southern Ontario for a few weeks so the rain that fell over the past weekend was welcome.

This morning the sun came out and the rain-refreshed plants were so pretty that I headed out with my camera so I could share some of the beauty with you.


Funny-shaped Phyllis taking the pictures. See little Stella to the right of me?

The puddle that always forms on the concrete:

Smoke Tree leaf:

Inch plant:

Jack-in-the-Pulpit who’s chosen to grown in a flowerbed:

Baby Hydrangea:

Crystal beads of water on a blue Hosta:

Ferns I dug from the woods:

I’m such a poor gardener. I don’t know the name of this plant.

Virginia Creeper:

Blue skies again:

And basil, just waiting to be put into fresh pasta sauce for dinner:


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4 thoughts on “After The Rain

  1. I love my Jacks in their pulpits. The best one is about 18 inches tall this spring and standing tall and strong. They remind me, too, of the woods on the farm of my childhood …

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