About Phyllis

Phyllis is a writer who has completed both basic and advanced writing courses and numerous writing workshops. Her short stories have been accepted for publication in books, newspapers, and the Word Weaver, a publication of the Writers’ Community of Durham Region.

Her personal high point was being long-listed (30/2400 entries) in the prestigious CBC Canada Writes short story competition.

Her stories and poetry are also included in books, such as Anthology: From a Cottage Porch, The Writing Spiral, Twelve Stories High, a publication of the Canadian Authors Association, and If This House Could Talk: A History of Henry House.


5 thoughts on “About Phyllis

  1. Would like to talk with phyllis regarding my story. I successfully stowed away from liverpool to Montreal. June 1965
    Have tried to write but need help

    1. Hi Ed: It sounds like you have a real story there. Wow. I would suggest that the first thing to do in the long process of getting your story onto the page, is taking your desire to write and learning to write well.

      Sue Reynolds is an amazing writing teacher and you may find a course she offers that appeals to you. If you are comfortable driving a distance, I’d say that any course she offers is worth it.

      Sanctuary Sundays are also a good place to get thoughts, emotions, and ideas onto the page, sharing parts of your story in a comfortable, non-judgmental environment, while receiving excellent feedback.


      Writing is a really, really difficult job but if you truly want to do tell your story, the investment of time and money will be well worthwhile.

      Once you’re confident in your writing ability, you could see if the “Novel Approach” course is still offered. I’ve done it and it’s one of the best ways to get a story into book form.


      Best wishes as you prepare to launch your writing journey.

  2. The other approach you sent a link to is outdated,,Sept. and Oct. which are bygone days.I have much more to write but would like a ghost writer perhaps to work along side.
    My buddy and I also jumped ship in Alaska and rode the White Pass Yukon train and got arrested and deported back to Canada, {I have the newspaper article} Ironicaly this didn’t show up on my record as I later got my US citizenship.
    Now after 52 years apart I have hooked up with my high school sweetheart and we have been together now four and half years. We travel and have a home {she does} in Lindsay and I have a condo in Vancouver.

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