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My true age is …

I’m not sure why, but recently I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about my age. Not in a worrisome way, I’m just aware of time marching on — and not only when I look in the mirror!

The calendar tells me that I’m $49.99 + tax. About five years of tax, truth be told. My heart tells me that I’m still about eighteen. My body — energy level / sleep requirements — tell me that I’m somewhere in between, although after a late night or two I feel closer to $79.

Do I wish I were fourteen again, standing on the brink of high school and so many life-forming decisions? Not a chance, baby, unless by some miracle I could also take my experiences and knowledge back there with me. Then I’d do it in a heartbeat and I’ll bet you would too.

Although I would have made many different decisions and choices, had I known all that I know now, I like being my age. I’m not really young, with the angst and lack of confidence I seem to remember from those days, but I’m not all that old either. I still have the energy and ability to do pretty much anything I choose, and I’m finally at a stage when I have the time and resources to carry out some of those plans.

Embarking on a second career as a writer has also been thrilling and fulfilling.

What age and stage of life are you at? What’s thrilling? What’s fulfilling? What would you change if you could? I’d like to know.


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  1. You started a blog!! I am so pleased and love all of your 2 posts so far! Writers and photographers really top the blog world in my opinion. So pleased that you joined them. Looking forward to many more!

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