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No One Has Heard of This Job.


I’ve read a number of articles lately written by grateful doctors about nurses who work in the Emergency Department. While I was reading, I pictured the busy ER where I work, and I imagined my friends’ faces as they use their extensive skills, caring for patients and saving lives. Their collective knowledge and years of experience are vast and impressive, and I admire and respect each of them.

After reading these pieces, however, I started to wonder about something. The nurses are, quite rightly, heroes of any emergency department, and they deserve all the kudos they receive. But what about the unsung folks toiling behind the scenes? What about the Unit Clerks who keep it all happening?

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A Breakfast Adventure

We recently made the long drive from our home near Toronto, Ontario to visit our grandson in Virginia. We also went to see his parents.

Because we don’t get to spend a lot of time with almost-four-year-old Nolan, I try to make our short visits fun. One morning when he woke up he wasn’t ready for breakfast so I asked if he’d like to pack breakfast into his backpack and we’d go on an adventure. He thought that was a great idea, but only if he could bring his drill. Continue reading “A Breakfast Adventure”