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I made marmalade today. I hope I don’t embarrass my mom by saying this, but I’ve never made jam in my life. Except for the occasional batch of quick-set strawberry freezer jam, which always turns out, jam-making isn’t a skill I’ve chosen to hone. Recently, though, I saw a friend’s post about marmalade preparations, and when I asked for, and received, the recipe I thought it must be a sign.

A sign?

Of what??

IMG_4226A sign that I should pick up some luscious fruit from our little local grocer, I guess. I spent a day gazing at them, imagining the golden goodness they’d be when I finally filled my jars with marmalade.

IMG_4234This morning I removed the peel and chopped it, a forever job, but not unenjoyable.

IMG_4237The chopped peel had to boil for awhile. While it boiled I removed the pulp and juice from the fruits.



And then — finally — everything went into a big kettle to cook for awhile. The next step was sugar. Lots and lots of sugar. And more cooking. Lots and lots of cooking.

In spite of following the recipe exactly, I’m pretty sure that this marmalade beautifulness will be runny, although it tastes really good.

IMG_4247So now I have a ton of really pretty, very runny, jars of marmalade jam. I guess life could be worse.

Would I make it again? Meh, probably not. Given how much chopping and cooking was involved, I think I’d rather use wonderful summer tomatoes and end up with a pot of chili sauce to put into jars for the winter.

Do I wish I hadn’t bothered? No! It was a fun experiment, even if it did take up my whole entire Saturday. On the bright side, the sun shone all day, so there’s that.


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10 thoughts on “Mmmarmalade.

  1. Looks beautiful…..if you feel like making it again, try the Certo recipe. It sets beautifully and is a beautiful sensation to the taste buds.

  2. Sounds yummy. Would you share the recipe? BTW it may thicken up as it cools and over time. Your photos are beautiful.

  3. Good to read one of your stories again.
    The pictures were excellent too.
    I am sure the marmalade will taste very good, although I must admit it isn’t one of my favorite condiments.
    It has been many years now since I have done any kind of preserving but I have a few friends still do some and I am usually the recipient of a jar or two that make up for my lack ofif preparations.
    Keep up your writings.
    I always enjoy them.

  4. Always love your stories and marmalade! I just went to a Ginger factory here and bought citrus/ ginger marmalade for a friend who invited us for tea. My mouth is watering for some!

  5. I’ve never made marmalade either, but I’ve just stumbled upon a recipe for chicken with a glaze made with bbq sauce, orange marmalade and soya sauce. I’m going to try it tonight, over rice!

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