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The Saddest Part of My Favourite Month

October is my favourite month. We are usually blessed with gorgeous big skies, spectacular red, orange and gold leaves, and cooler weather. The only part of October I don’t enjoy is having to empty my summer plant pots.

Before beginning the task, I take one last look at the plants who have bloomed their little hearts out for me all summer.

The mums are almost finished,
but I’ll spare them for awhile.

I take the plants from their pots as gently as I can, and sometimes I have honest-to-goodness tears in my eyes as I lay them in the wheelbarrow.

Then, off to the forest they go to become compost, along with the fallen leaves. 🍂

The circle of life.


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2 thoughts on “The Saddest Part of My Favourite Month

  1. I’m with you Phyllis! It’s especially difficult when we have a mild fall like this year, and the beautiful full plants we have nurtured all season look fabulous!

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