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Growing, growing, gone!

We’ve had quite interesting weather here in Southern Ontario this spring. In March we had record-breaking heat, with an all-time high of 27C. In Fahrenheit-ese, that’s an incredible 80 degrees.

This heat was followed by an unpredictable run of heat and cold, rain and dryness, that’s resulted in monster plants in my flowerbeds. I love having nice-looking beds, but I’m not a big fan of perpetual gardening  so you’d be forgiven for thinking this thrills me.

Here’s the thing. Last summer I thinned some hostas that grow in the center of our circle drive. They were so thick that they were overlapping each other, so I removed every other one. It was a big job but, I figured, well worth the effort because then I could relax for a few years, right? Wrong. So very, very wrong. Continue reading “Growing, growing, gone!”

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“Keep Your Knees Dirty”

I had an epiphany today, and not a wonderful one either. It was actually a bit disappointing, to tell the truth.

My Philosophy: If you have enough nice big perennials, the weeds won’t have any room to grow!

I was outdoors this morning, working up a flowerbed, and as I spaded, pulled out stray grass and weeds, and worked up the dirt, it dawned on me that I really hate gardening. Continue reading ““Keep Your Knees Dirty””